Welcome to mesin kasir online web app, this time to digital revolutions with point of sale web app solutions. desktop software application and develope APK APP modern website online shop for your bussiness.

mesin kasir online


A freedom for point of sale with web app technology , unlimited user accsess , unlimited for transaction , multi device cross platform, support android iphone windows and other OS , make easy and fast using point of sale cashier transaction. Develope application for bussines shop store , restaurant food drink shop , invoice management and more. with dekstop version software for run on terminal local server offline mode or online application web app clouds based.

mesin kasir online


Web app is modern technology for using fast transaction with multi device platform , this is a real web app not hybrid or native aps , this is new generation with mobile pos on the go.
Installation app including databased on the clouds make this app real run and work with website technology, why must install it on clouds ?? because for make easy for accsess it from any device, android iphone and windows cashier pos, with installation web app on the clouds you just need accsess app from web browser , no needed installation APK APP or EXE on your device , with nothing installation make this apps stable and fast for work.
And if you need using on offline desktop version you can install it this apps on your device on your local terminal server pc.

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mesin kasir online

Build Native APK APP

Build Native APK and APP for your bussines information , and upload your APK on google play store or APP on appstore with your developer ID account, with login on your developer account you can insert a title and descriptio about APK APP with your needed, make easy for touch your customer with native APK APP.

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Develope Modern Website

Develope and upgrade your website with us.

This time to upgrade and develope your modern website with new technology , with new modern framework make your website very cool and profesional, build with static site generator or php framework for elegan website.

For cheap price you can using blogspot blogger platform for build website, with custom xml themes, we design dan develope your blog platform making profesional website.

Dynamic CMS , application for create a website with dynamic cms, make easy to update artikel post and upload media file on your website, using wordpres , modx , pivot-x ,drupal cms for make easy and fast to develope your website.

Flatfile CMS is recomended and laternatif for develope your website with slim and fast with flatfile cms, you can use Grav , flextype , monnstra , for simple and fast website.

Bootstrap framework full html, if you need static full native html php you can using bootstrap framework for unique website with full codding.

Static site website, forr needed fast and simple website blog you can using jekyll with ruby on rail or nikola with phyton for create modern and fast website static.

Php Framework is the best solutions for build profesional website , using popular php framework like laravel php artisan code iginiter make powerfull for build a website.

Javascript modern website , this is a popular trend for build dan develope website using gatsby js , angular , with SPA single page application make fast and powerfull to develope your modern website.

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Integrated Online Shop website with APK APP and point of sale cashier application with us, or if you just need online shop you can order online shop service only , and make your shop store and bussines powerfull with full integration with order full online package set.develope make online shop integration website APK modern
With online full package set you can use all features service like online shop , blogs , modern website , integration with APK APP backend and front end plus Point of sale application all in one for you. lets get started and order full online package now.

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